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tv   Today  NBC  January 24, 2016 8:00am-9:00am MST

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>> and dald trump is raising eyebrows ebrowsai other runne conside thwingis hat in e ri. > and peymanningerse tombr goi head t head f what could tt time with t ser bown the line who comes outn top? and tina y returns to saturday night l as sar palin. >> thank you, ioss sof the uniates o america. e mateight lau su, ary 16. >>nnouncerfrom >> announcer: om nbcews,
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"today,"lizzard 2016, live from studio 1a in roefeller a. welcome "today" on this suayorni. i'erica hillutside on rockefeller plaza withur own mountain of snow behind . >> indeed. dylan drier is bacafter being in the blue mobiles for days. >> it's nice to be standing outside. yohave to get one of these coats. they rlly keep you much warmer in new york city. >> and gloves. >> we do need to get you gloves, jose. >> i dnow enough this. sheinelle made her way to time square.she'll hre on the stor stor ment. >> sheinel i hibe this pile usld be around 16 feet'sate. as you can imagine, at'st it's going to take a long time for people to dig out from this. let's get you caught up. washington, d.c. and philadphiareaking up to over 22 inches of snow this morning. new york city, we are lookg at the second biggest snowfall on record here, 26.8 inches in central park. e town with the rges
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40 inches. seriounote, 20 people e dead beuse of t snow. so shoveling sw and others in traffic accidents. e airlines are swly gettg ck up to speed, struggling to resume service. 640 ightalready canceld for morrow. 00 canceled for toda cars areinly alled back on e ros here in w york. that ban wasifted at 7:0a. here a trel ban tt was instat yestday. wee po fd t,overm.r coge ctinuesay, course. we b with sheinelle, who is the hrt of new rk's tim square. sheinelle, a little quiete this morng than ual. it defilys. it sms like st people heeded the ings a decidedo stay inors to make itasier r theanup ews too wh ey havto d esplly here in n y the sts were vtu em wh the ceion a few brave souls o cided
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in time squares, gs r suits e tryi tclear the area. the av ban w jt lifted.op a staintoetut anabout. and ouone thinisor sur for peop who are at home and waking uth mning, ey're findinthere a lot of eaning up to do. >> reporter: fm nnesseto connecticut, people are digging out from a monerf a storm.o et of sn palyzed the nation's cital, ile 27 inesf edn w yo in less than4 hour whe travel advisory was lifted earlier this morning. broadway shows, cancelled. tunns and bridges, closed. glengary, west vginia, under 40 inches of snow. 20 people died from th srm, most in affiaccidents. agan internaonal to main cledntil sun
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in all, over 6,000 flits were ncelled on friy and saturday. thrl areopinto g back to rmal soon, b paengersren'sure >> i stuck for t next o daysn miam til moay morning. >>eporter: while the sveling and pling es on,e of straed areinallyree. imagine beinstuck on the roads inlizzard condns for 24 hours. >> no od, water, bathroom facity. >>orr: i5 inentuy di't g moving until saturday afrnoo me on e nnsyania pi. people we trd he s,nclung ts church grp. >> we were lghin singing,
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the d -- dequeeam basketball team waouthere too using pizza box to dig out. >> reporter: a little teamwork to get back on the record. the most severe power outages are inew jersey. 60,000 cusrs in the dark costal fod warnings still up for the new jers shore, where severe flooding is smeing some of the same areas hit hard by sandy. those whcouldn't stay inside any loer made the best of e slidg down cl, es of cent, or ving in like thipandat the onal zoo. t bliard winds there's stila road ahea >> we'llake ever mother tuives us, and we'll keep working at it unwe get done.ri jos >>nd je, it was co doo hardnd so yeero many people they've never anying like it. guys? iwas definitely sething that's for se.sheinee, thanks. >> we often aut paralysis in washington, but this time, it the weather to ame, n angry politians. c's tial correspondent miguel almagueremains in nati'smorning. elgood morning.
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the district of colu getting o feetthicand fluffy snow thiss at they'reakup in c. it's sn high, kneeigh in areas. ooks enjoyabbut it crippled city ov t last hours. 36 hours strght, we saw dy snll here in d. aslinding,anrous a to threat froover. all of thi has been accumuti f so long, there are concerns it'll weigh down tops, bring rog down power lines. today, the fir respoerwillbe out in heing the ros here also, plowing the ros to try to bringhe city back to its feet. the big question wl be, d. was shutown esselly er the week as sheelle eded tothere ceainly s someight momes here in thdistrict
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we saweople slng nr catol ll. some f we ng acros thnational mall. en se police offers d bit of f yrd, picking up a otball ge. there were some lighter ments . again, tre is ceaiy so concn re id.c.od. fotrying tget back on theifenouestion about it, it going to be big re ie stri of columbia. jose, to u. >> t yery ch. >>floong imaconc athis ur. gh thi ho, it has theater ring costal communities. jacob rasc is ong the jersey shore in wildwood. go morning. eporte good rning. ere no pof the jerse shthat w spared, but ts ar wasardeit. ar au see nde d ins direction d to my leftthere s unatwi thr or ur feet the hght of it, ty sait was waist de in height. many of e sintwhlive re sayhis is worse than super storsandy. anothear hit hd sne rb. there was floongn e reets,ars underwater, home
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d'tw the exte oth mage y becau, al, th hi te cing and,gain, as youaid, outere in wiwo, is area is tally cuoff when theigh tide com fromhe rest of t jse shor ft,it keeps rising, we wiavtoheckutasell. >>t's pot u stay safe.lan,s e orm na ov? >> the storms overw canle u lile hp from motr ture to melt the ow would be nice, which i think 'lget. let's look at thblzard. it started with serm and lots of rain. on the snow stted, it contind rote ou. saw tse streang bands of snowitver new york city for an extended period of me. remember beingutn it, and i'd look at the rar and i'm like, this isn't going to end any time soo the storis pullingy. en nantucket, in
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worry about the snow. however, this moing's hi tidearound nowis when have the- still looking at the higher thanormal t becau of the fulon we'een. the ving gs windare no lon or we do still have ctaflood warnings alohe coast. me of the highest numbers. we didn't break e rerd for the snowiesttorm ever in n rk cy. mi it 1/1ch. k, we pick up nche officialt jf it the ggest snoworm ev. >> seeing at number jfk gis usnotherse of what travel nightmarehis will b >> wasupposed to lea this g anhave to leave tuesday, if i'm lucky. >> iyou'reuc. >> fligh are a -- >> drivi through t bzzard from rnoke to d.c. tnew york was easier than trying to get to wo this morning. >> thank god for t subys. >>nks. > rng to politics, all eyesof cours on iowa this weeken the presidential cantes
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track, eight days away from e wa caucuses. a big name is now dropng hintsthat he may jump into the ce. kerrsanders isiohis morning. odorning. good morning. you kn, we're gettg ally close to fding o which publican and whicht will get bragginrighting cong oiowa. thwhole st, of course,s gned to whittle this down to caates. nore's a possility of a third indepeennde entering the race. former nework mar mich bloomberg. rorter: mhael bloomberg woulbed billnaire to be in the race. >> what do you think of bloomberg getting into the race? i love it. >> reporter: w rubio and clinton held meetings last ght, the race isore complited, with the possibility bloomberg running
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but on if donald trump, ted cruz or bernie sanders their partminees. trp supporter ylor bec >> i thiloom >> i t bloombe gting in wod be eg. i don'ow i'd suppo him, t i'lo to see her llionaire his own money anhis own mission. >> repter: in iowa saturday, hundre of trump supporters waited more than six hours. temperates ithe teens. to hear him speak. what he said earlr in the y abt his owpopularity that turneheads. >> i could sta in e midd of fifth avenue anoot somebody and wouldn't lose voters. it's's incredible.
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shtingnybody in e campgn. >> reporter: the >> reporter: the battle for the moatic ninion, also fier. hillary inton hiary intofinds herself an ireasingly competitivrace agait beie sande. iill omise you thisif u ve me the os t iowa caucus to send me othe way to the nominatio i will come bk often campaign, to win wan nomber. >> here in muscatine, the high school, dond trp wi hold another rally. before he does, he plans to go to church here. the evangelical vote is considered esstial fornyone o wants w in wa. chuck todd is modetor of "meet the es" how are u? >>ood morning,os>> let tk lileut blmberg first. he's csideng going into the race, buit see le 's puttg lot ofarriertohessibility runni., , if, before i didto go i right? >> that's right. what it tells you is if hillary clinton theemocratic nomine hs t ing to r. if it los ke c g the minaonheon't run
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enough to be president. if marco rubio, b , ri chstie or john kasich were lookg strong on the repuican side, bloombg uldn't run. heut the pamers . sands d trp cruru 's because he nts to b esident, he'justever fou ab pat i think heelieves there actual wou be viable path for a third pay caidacif you had re of an eme nomion bh en -- g nominad in both paies,nd saers-cruz iwhat hlooks . a lot of e fos is owa ase head into the us nex ay. e editial boarof the "s moin regis endorng rub and clinton. en it comes to the endorsementsespecially in , how influ do ey have ts time around? ery ttle. newaper endorsement has so influence, 's more in a democratic primary thaa republan one.
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rester," iknowas a ft-leang editoal pag not the newspaper itself but the edial page. it more like therere some ca goers that might influenced aut -- on the demoatic side, less on t reblican sid lookthink what's remarkae about this lasiowa, boid are incredibly close. but the republicanans, front runners, cruz and trump, it's nasty. ey're ing after each other on air. lose as clinton and saers are, the one thit se tive ads. >> what resting also yesterday at tru rly is ucwas there, and'm wondering ifng the tablishment republicans going towa trumpbe . >> think that tells you a lot about ted cr reputation in shington. s very hard to s -- to a republican setor that will s ne things abo ted cruz. the tion, jose, is whether thestablishment reblican pes, are they warming rump only because thelternatives uz are they warminto
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and th t, we'll kill tru later? if i'm trump, i don't assume these people are wit i think they'rwie because he's not ted cruz. >> chuckthanks >> chuck, thanks. good tsee you. >> you got it, broer. >> take care, man. is morning, you can join, of crse, chuckor "meet the pres" higu ilu dond ump, bern sdersnd hilla clton. lo to talkbout there. were kpi an e on a stng earthake thatit alaska. 7.quakstking therearly is morng, centered in a remote area. rong shaking was felmore than 160 mes awain anchorage,endis you can se items tumbling from shelve residentbe ing jolt out of bed,the floor rolled. no repf major mage or injuries hunt is deay for ree inwho madeescape from a southern rnia jail. officials sathey bro out o the ximucurity facil
8:16 am
plbing tunnels to get to the roof. once there, they relled to the ground using a makesft rope. ison officialsay it's t clear if the m clear if the men had outside help the ree wereeing hel chges including murd, kidnping and tortu, and ar descd asremely dangs. let'get a look at me of thst of e coy's forecasts. there's been so much focus on the storm here. ings going on in the rest of the countr and a coopicture om space, i understand. >> this goinonn space, too. who ew? we have a cture of the nort lights sn from t international spe awesis thi is on my buet l to er see the northern lights. probably never get the cnce frompace but th is fr a british astraut,aking e gous pictur.on ld, wre seeing the orm syst pulng away. stl concerneabout the high de happening n. there are coallood warngs in efft. we he snow thawill move into the rockies. st aut to in w the quick-movi ste
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rosshe cou >> tt's your l >> that's your latest forecast dan, anks.> foball fans ha been keepina cle eyhe weher to seef it wilhave any impact otodas coeren chpishipames. which, of course, deine th teheadedthe supewl. crews in north carolina will be clearing away snow and ice for thpanthe and cardinals. the afc championship is being playedn denverere the
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the ts a theefendi amand we'll ha mon that match comg up. next on "today," tina f kes sar palin. we have thhighghts from "surdanighvete thesmessag. >> so many of us have lost our jobs at the perfect. noickets. no accidents. th iuntil one of you clips a food truck,ruining your perfect recor yeah now you would ink your insurance company would cut yosome slack, right? no. your insancees go throughhe roo.. your pfect rord doesn't get you ythi. anything. perfec for drers wi accidforgess, lirty mual wonaise youres due to yr firsaccide ser insue a whole n light.
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> a ghof lghon atday ght livethkso na f'suest apprae. there play rah pali >> dylan iin the onge room thhat. >>inste thshith her hilarious impression of th erlaska gornor. take a look. >>'m here beuse we aricans e stling. so many s ha lost oujobs at the ftory or reity shs aboualaska, and e seen o own children targeted by the lice for no re other than they committed somcrimes. turon the n turn on the newevy moing and are shocked to see we're not on it because wee been replaced by migrants like ra. >> she's fun. she just ss whatever she wants. it's like her moutstarts driving before her brain gets in
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>> "snl" was hteby ronda usey. it washe mmahter'sst hosti, ich utside ofhe box b i think did great. >> i love it. thanks. still to come here on "today,"pishowdown later today. who will rgn supreme between tom brady d peyton manning after these ssages.teth i appreciate youomin i appriate you comg . absolutely. the market's been pretty volatile lately. there is a lot a stake , you know? lo jim, we've en pnnin r is for a longe. d we'll ep evolving things. so donorry. knwhat'sn ur mind and ng accorngly. mulied by 13,0 ncial advirs it's big deal. s nsof investing.
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i'm ith this news5 now i'm with is news5 now update. colorado sings police ar investigating a deadly hitnd rudent from last nht ar 7:30 lastight.. a pedestrian was hit and killed in the 400 block of north circle drive..... that's nr platte avenue. coloradoings pe are still looking for the suspect... buthe only desiption given was light colored vehicle. the victim's identity not being released u his family is notified. onhe soueast parof town... the crimes against children unit is investigating what they ll the spicious death a chd. it happened near airport and murray involving a 3 month old by. at this time... it not cle howhe child died or foul play was volv wel have morinformation once it's available. nearly a hundred pro-choic supporte gatred in corado springs yesterday to commemorate e anniversary of roe v. wade..... the supremcourt ruling that legalized abortions.
8:25 am
to celebrate women's rights and how far they'vcome in the pa fewecades, and to s support for pld pareod. but pro life suppos have very different te... inact theyay rallys is one a showing support for ortions....something they say act for thousands of murders a day. let's get ero for an update our forecast. a cloudier day overall for your sunday we may see searly afrnoon sunshine, but clds will be abdant for the majority of the day. winds will pick up by this afternoon and be ithe 10-20 mph range with some gus beyond that. models have been slowing the paing of our colfrt, so temperatures will still be above avage aheaof it th hig getting into the0's. the chance f rain/snow increases this afterno/ eveng. we'll have aain/snow mix inially, chaing overo all
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quicy with thes of dayme > half past half past the hour, we're ba on this sunday ing, january 24th, 2016. thiss a live look fyou. that is not a river. that ia street in wildwood, w jersey. flooded as a result ofhi masse wter orm. that is a may yourr foc for peop here today on theplaza, we have a gat crowd. some folks from florida braving the cold. oneady wants to e snow, so it's working out for he >>solutely. >> the snow and the weather remains our top story this morning. can tell youteast 20 storm-related deaths reported over the pt t days. airlinesre staingo resume service. it is happening very slow. more than 3,0 cancellations
8:27 am
at least 600torrow dold trump is taiesecing a litt heat foromme he yterdaybout his popularity whi o the trail in iowa. >> cld stand in the middle of fifth avenue a shoot somebody, and i wouldn't lose any vors, okay? it likincredible > wh th iowa ccuses eight days aw,he "des moines regier"s esi hillary into and gracieold haanother ampionship under h belt. won st night, coming back fr a sha shortgram t wi up on top after h free skate. congratulations to her. > let's get the latest on e cleanup from t nation's capil. miel aagremains inwashingt, c. this morning. go morning. >> good morning. it'sess thwo feet of snow, it's certainly going to be a big dig t here all acrs the onapital. from all othside streetsnd the major roads her they are atea covern snow not covered snow, cerin coverein ice. over t last cole hours,
8:28 am
thisrea. a short time ago, the was an ambuncdown street. we sawire trcruising the area in front of us, you'll see a c driving through. the ow camdown for 36 hours raight. it was a crippling snow, ste anblint times. thconcern today wi be how much snos accumulated ros and powelis. how much jeordy those ho and power nes will be day as they t to dig outhis pss is gointo be long one jose, the qution will bewi d.c. be ba on its feet tomorrow? a biknown. ck to you. >> thank you vy ch. residents alg e jersey shore are assessing the damage is morning. with flooding, high winds and bitter cd leading to costal erosion and mass power outages, nbc's rehe e more on ator us. go mor. >> good morng, eri. the highurf advihe warnings remeche ta ts. is a very diffeicture from wha h yesterday. ri t height of trm this beachnd areas all along
8:29 am
placo . we saw ee piures of reetaturned into river in wildwood. at cy,e flooded beyond tir imagination. also in stonharbor, they got hit etty hard. in fact, the mayor of ste harbor said e flooding there was so intenit wasorse whappenedn 20 during hurricane sandy. th hurne lerally devast tarea day, wt t ofeople e going to bdoing is trying to makeertainheir power is back . tens of ousas of people lostwer ring heit of t storm, and it wa storm,nd it was so bad, the linemecouldn't get outecause the wis wereo intense. th couldn't t out sterday fix the lines th're go be busyoing that t. the highe, as weai is ill up. we've beenolth there could aoslity of some mo flooding. pe begin to dig out
8:30 am
what's going oe are also going to be peopleinout at some point to asseswh kind of bea erosiocurred. they're going to try andut threa ba together. eric >>e'll be watcng. rehema, thank u. dylan has a nal eck the weather now. for all we talk about, and there was seous nature to the orm, a lot of peopleook advaage toave a od tim yesterday. >> a lot of peopleere having fu you hafun in nework ci, right? we have one family from philadelphia, we svived e blizzard. where'd you get the ates? >> dwayne reed. >> popular in new yorkit let's see how hers survid the blizzard. crazy if you ask crazy if you ask me. jumping to the snow in bhing suits, no, tha y. at is thing the "today" showannot convincee do, er. we also had people resorti to
8:31 am
mattress. en y't he a sled, ru downan air mattrs. the dog seems likat, too. that was iwashington, c. we ao ju hadmaeople trng to dig t ofhe snow. iss engary, west vni mo than iheofno3 2 et. fun to sve e good ns is this storm is moving away. are down with the snow. have the ld rht nbut we're gog to s temratures warm above averageand even abovfreeng as we go intohe next cple days. that shoulhelp melt the snow a little bit. we have another storm syst movi through the plains. dot worry,t'not heading to the east coast. it'lpruce a couple inches of ow, tomorr, west of chago, th about 4 to 8 inches in the
8:32 am
soh rolina. sorolina. haouver seen this much snow? >> never. >> it's first. welcome to new york. jose? >> thanks so muc >>e coldnd snow y keep more peoe inside today, watching one of the biggest rivaies in srts. peyton manning and tomrady. the super bo is on the line. by the end of toy'ga, e tm ll be aded tre has more on this epic matchup. morgan, goodo see u. >>oomorning. a lot onhe line. a huge game. in fact, this will be the fih playoff tchup between peon manning and tom bry. it's more than anywo quarteacks infl history.
8:33 am
this one, jose, hits for braggingights. reporter:a trip to th super bowl oline today, two legendy arterbacks, yton manni and tom brady, squaffor the 17th time. playing someone 17 times is prty cool, especially someone as great as him. >>orter: their on-fielrivalry span15 years, so does their mualespect. >> he playe positi the right y. wheno thatthere's a reason youlay for a long te. repter: gary myers wre a book on manning and ady. >> these guys have bond. they text all thme. they play golf frequently in the off season. wh peyton and tom walk into the same restaurant,t turns a lot of hds. >> reporter: peyn maing met hiwife ashley as a teeger, whe brady is one-halof celeitpower cole. thson and brotr of nfl quarterbac, manning was bred for stardom. the number one draft pick
8:34 am
brady camerom obscurit afte199th in drafted 9th in nninma morthan anyone in nfl hiory,24llion. brady ranks third at $163 million. miioe orsement. brady, high end fashion an coe.nng eaing e much advertising rafa food. >> bter pizza. >> papa john's. >>eporter: thecan laugh at thes on "satday night live." >> you suck. >> not a touchdown. >> are you kidng me? >> repte the laughtecame to aalt over theast year as th men suffed unexpected challees. ady hato overcome the deategate andal. mannindenyg he ua perfornce-enhancing drug. >> this has been uniqu seas >>orter: twoup bowl championg the fielr could bthstime. >> peyton may retiring this season, whether it's in the championship game or the super bowl, ites ian event for
8:35 am
>> wt'stout is is theseeg are never eventhe field at the same ti. ich makes thisiv really t strategy. the question nowwhhas the strategy for the super bl?we will find out later tod. >>0? de oni thistory. no, i'm ki >> i don't belie that. >> it's opposite day. >> i'm ready f it. up next, o sunday sts. we'll ta to heros he battlefielwho becometars on e ice. > how shping coninere rning in homesf the fure y sms us aiece of h that en los for 100 yea tethese ssag.rly 100 bl bleeding gum you may think it's sult of brusng
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oh, that's a lot me. oheah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot mo. evyo w >>everneheyoreooki for hoe,ant e t de, t?ll, lessxpensive home thattiturdth could la letime, lontime rathersoundsike a good idea. >> unconveional solution is poppg . kerry sanders explainsso peing to live in shipping conins. >> reporter:ld adage, a better m trap d e world will be the pa to your dr. w, some ntractors are tting that a new door for new homes beginst ama's ports. olpiers, t eve, are like legos,
8:39 am
>> ion'tnk s >> reporter: for the last four years. >> so it ichr? >> it is cheaper. reporr: tom fox lived in this2 container, tee story, fouredro, three bath home, saving himself a pof money >> it cost a square fo. versus in a rul construction >>lde $100 a sque for a house lis. >> reporom 3,500 square foot home in gainesvle florida, cost $200,000. whiltructing homesike ths perhaps vein the united stes, carontainers as apartments inhe erlar ig homes in sin, haon or a youn cosnscis raon. arect en benr bees the next bigudiencfor hos like this, debt-ke thirito somethings. >> millenis,enege gradtee th are looking r a differt lifeyle. shipping contain fits the bill. >> repor for those now plantain homes, from
8:40 am
ovseas. >> it's the buding regulaons. 's the zoning regulations. it's the public acptance that's t issue. eporter: as bu ithe s. are now learnin acceptan has to do with dwi this is going to genetional question. are these hous pretty or ugly? i think they'retty. >> i think there unique. >> sort of a nice way put it, n't it? >> reporter: uque shippi container mes. is it just a fad? >> if n takes to t bubble house. >> reporter: like the homes in e 19s. or is this an idea dropping anchor for the long haul for "today," ker sanders, nbc newsinesville. >> very instin i havlot stio >> let'swith som >> iding t plumbing queson. dn't see aot of pluming >> the'sot to be. >>ne there'sndoo plumbing.insulation. >> why not a mobile home? >> these seem sturdier. ayt's more expensive. ybe u can om
8:41 am
we have no ask for. oing to call k >> k, the bathrossue? extrinarayeron team usa's sd hock rosr. wel introde you to som after these messages.a's sled eat up, buddy. you'll get it this time. yeah ok not too quick don't let go until i say so. i got u... start strongh the lastg en of 10 you're doing it!
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wh l imyemr dic r-e nexthi inoit's morning. wi tpuflexoue the spngnd bncof a aditnal mattress then it alsous to my body. my cloud fee like somebody's hugginyou. w can be that?
8:43 am
motains ou mountaintse to i 're back on a suay morning rerkle m itsn't the typic kof ckey you m be inking o >> we're talki about sd hohis morning. foople witriou dibitiesit'sn pounity toy e amics favorite pastis ly digned crg lvin the her the tionalhockey tm. >> rter: when team usa sledockesquaok the i sardayig, novacotia agait nada f ampionship, itas a more th hockey. beingack ther ro, kirod wi tguys, traveling withhem,ust being part of the team aga was problyheigge tor me. rorr:si scily designed sleds tt sit on ate blades and s mel pis,laye
8:44 am
to play, you he to be pretty extrrdiny. former navy seal and team usa goaltender reichenbach is inis fias. i thought my ckey carr was over. >> reporter: wt met him last jun "today" surprised hianhis family with a smart home in nta. a housdesied f toue amtee. in012, a makeshift bomok his legs while he on pro in afghanistan. it's still aut service for him. >> to wear the red, white and blue, i lovet. it'serce ain. 're reenti o colors, our country and our pre. >> rter: h new band of brothers on the icincludes vel ame's bvest bourplart recipits on team usa. e lita's hor f those killed or wounded in action. e took a short surithalt to make sure everybody waskay d ate wereoingood.
8:45 am
agai elot off. >> reporr: 28-year-o josh sweeney is team captain. he'd ner heaf spor unhe start rehabbing 2009>>unt abt itnd lized i ill do er i w wn'goe i d itor>>te the nt scod the nning goal agt russia in sochi. started his own sled hockey team in porand, oregon, and won an py f his work. this tm n'ju f litarys. kk up playing hockey. wwere 17, changing a flat re. some girl from our school di't e usnd r uov. >> reporte h besfriend from thanight d ev sin, ty is on his teamme theuad. >> i get sad somdays.
8:46 am
out. yoknowstover t nt da y. >> most importtl gs, ts is our golgame reporr: timnaonal ege onship coand t himself insis th's w kehis te so spectacular. siliency. >> you have to areciate what the guysthrough. it's tougher to get from the lom t icehan o ame. et's go! >> rorteor ts team getting back in thgames wh it's allbout tied at two gd medal final.>> reporteaturday nit long to americs team2016 sd hock 20 sled hoey cmpiop. >> americains. >> reporr:or "today" in nova scotia.
8:47 am
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> thisorng isorni o"sundays th hry," ay specia hiy le fortudents at hool. one they never plaed o >> a thanks to a janitor near 100 yearsgo, wanted t prerve a momenin te.
8:50 am
reporr: oklahoma ty emern high trulys d hool.ilt befohetory became a state, it makou wo what stories they tell, if thealls c tk.plen, it tns out ring rt reno construc crews discove blacoas had been covealmost 1 y panels of art, lessons and mysterious writi >> this is cursive. ts isheursiveriti we d tea anymo. repter:his he prpa did yothink? i spped andrt gting s y es. i gooss aler m i thght, oh, my god, here it . it was liki walk into a ti capsule. >>eporter:herry reed taught here 22 iike, whaishis? this has been he all this ti? it's bre sin917. epr: a thank janitor o signed some of ar
8:51 am
he hopes someon ture uld ndt av. >>heit had pla >>d. w, we t eae was of hisn. geto see this beautiful work ofrt. that's aan call reporr: toards will be prected, vows thsurintennt. we're goingo prervehem. itayean we have day t starof sool in these clsr b wve to prer tse reporr:etaid alk drawgs, stiousath wh, muc lessons. maybe the man o veal thisthe janitor, was just tryio sae knew wwe were dngack in the. re's thetsip newly vered, thess of aiss walkersenth ade, her students werlearning h to make awgs wthree mensiol perspective. there was a map ofndian
8:52 am
known acause ds are fragile, they can't be remod. they'll beover again n with smart boards. what was on e old onesee pret smart, too. harry smith, nbc ns, oklaha city. >>ove it. they're beauti too. althawgs reallyool. mazi. check in th kerry nder >>onin hses. >> they ve plumbing. he su. th are essenal like any r home cuomize it hower youike. it it'se less expensive.t emogetr make a der hoe.e geman haa four-bedro ho. ith toilets. >> y. >> andnsulatio ker, thank yo we couldn't talk about much el for a while. on "et the press chuck todd has dond trump, bernie sanders d hillarclinn. je, nhang you >> we've h ierti sations off and on the ai >> jose didn't going he for two days. that'll do it for usn a sunday morning.
8:53 am
out thor ,,,, loathing on loathing on the cagn til. the republicanstablishment takes a deep breath and dedes to stand with trump. >> i coutand in the middle fif avenue and shoot somebody a not lose any ters. it's incredible. while insurnts art to back ted cruz. >> t washington establishment ows who's willing toeethe gravy train going. >> donald trump joins me ts morning. plus, now it's the democrats' turn to worry and sanders surges. >> we are ing fa far, far better thahillary inton against donald trump and the other republic candidate tir estlishment frets over nominating a socialt and wonder wt is wrong wh hillary clinto >> i'm not interested ideas
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